Procedures for Arrival

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1.        All international students should come to Institute for International Students of Nanjing University in accordance with the date on your admission notice (address: Zengxianzi Building, number 18 Jinyin Street, Shanghai Road, Nanjing) and register and enroll at the lecture hall on the first floor.

Warm tipsDear international students, during the registration, there will be a section for you to pick your mobile phone card in China. To avoid failure in communication or fraud, our advice is NOT to buy the phone card at the airport or en route.


2.        Nanjing University has two campuses: Xianlin Campus (163 Xianlin Road, Qixia District, Nanjing) and Gulou Campus (18 Jinyin Street, Shanghai Road, Gulou District, Nanjing).

A metro line service is available on the route between these two campuses. It’ll take 1 hour to travel from one campus to the other.

Students who study on Xianlin Campus: All the undergraduate students except for those of Chinese Language BA program. All the students of School of the Environment, Department of Computer Science and Technology, School of Electronic Science and Engineering, School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences, School of Earth Sciences and Engineering, School of Foreign Studies, School of Liberal Arts, School of Social and Behavioral Sciencs, School of Government, Department of Philosophy, School of Information Management, School of Atmospheric Sciences, Kuang Yaming Honors School, School of Life Sciences, School of Astronomy and Space Science and School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering ( all undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD and senior advanced students included).


Students who study on Gulou Campus: Masters students, PhD students, and senior advanced students who study in departments aside from the 16 mentioned above.  General advanced students who study Chinese language and culture. Students of Chinese Language BA program.


3.        Regarding free accommodation in dorms’ students:

Those studying on Gulou Campus will be accommodated in Gulou campus front desk on Gulou CampusAnd those studying on Xianlin Campus will be accommodated in 21stDormitory on Xianlin Campus.

Students who receive free accommodation in the dorms do not need to reserve in advance. Please do not arrive early. The school will reserve your room in accordance with the date on the admission notice.

As students who receive free accommodation, please prepare CNY 1500 for deposit of the dorm (which will be returned when you check out) and to buy pillows and quilts.

The gulou campus front desk  will hold your room until September 8th(9/08) If you don’t arrive in accordance with your admission notice to enroll and don’t handle the request for leave procedures before the due time, then your lodgings will be forfeit.


PS: All the CSC Students can apply for the rental allowance if you live off the campus and abandon the free accommodation assigned to you. Please send your application to Ms. Zhong< > before August 20th, 2018 to get the allowance. Your application is valid only if you receive a confirming reply from us. We don’t accept any application after deadline.

And we won’t accommodate you on campus if you’ve applied for the rental allowance.



4.        Regarding self-paying students’ accommodation:

Students on Xianlin Campus:21stStudent Dormitory with single bed, desk, locker, independent bathroom with boiler and air conditioner.

Price: Single Room: Double Room: 3000 RMB per year for one person

Please don’t arrive earlier than 1stof September because you can’t check in before 1stof September. To apply for the dorm, you need to send Reservation Form for Foreign Students Dormitory on Xianlin Campus of Nanjing Universityto before 15thof August, 2018.

Students on Gulou Campus. Mandarin Garden • Xiyuan Hotel (address: Mandarin Garden, Nanjing University, 20 Jinyin Street, Shanghai Road, Nanjing) can only provide a small number of rooms living with other self-paying students. If there are vacant rooms, during the register and enroll time, in accordance with first come first serve, the school accepts self-paying students’ reservation. Please go apply for a room at the front desk directly when you arrive at school.

Mandarin Garden • Xiyuan Hotel can only accept students who are here for one semester or more, and will give them a preferential price.

Gulou international students’ accommodation: Double room: 52 RMB per person per night; Single room: 67 RMB/ 72 RMB/ 82RMB per person per night.


Recommendation: Due to the fact that international students’ accommodation planning is very tight, self-paying students upon arrival can first live in surrounding hotels which can transect temporary registration according to the police, such as the Grand Yixian Hotel (address: 160 Shanghai Road, Tel:86-25-85202626FAX86-25-85209977), Huada Hotel (address: 33 Qingdao Rd, Nanjing, Tel: 86-25-83137888), Motel168 (address: 68-1 Shanghai Rd, Tel: 86-25-52827700).Then you can look into renting an apartment in the surrounding area according to your need. Nanjing’s housing rental prices are in accordance with the area, the surface area, and the facilities, and the general price for a 2 bedroom 1 bath apartment is 3000-4500 rmb per month.


5.        Reminder for Full-scholarship Students:

The university will grant scholarship for the first two months together on around 30thof September after all the scholarship students finish their registration. So please bring 2000 RMB with you for your expense and visa fee before that. And please take your passport to ICBC to get a bank card, your scholarship will be granted to that account every month.