Accommodation Regulations of International Student Dormitory Nanjing University

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Accommodation Regulations of International Student Dormitory Nanjing University

Welcome to study in Nanjing University. According to the national management regulations of International students and the management regulations of dormitory in Nanjing University, you should carefully read the following rules about accommodation in order to make your life safe and convenient during the study period.

I. Accommodation Fee

1The accommodation fee of scholarship students only including CIS and CSCwill be paid by scholarship. Other kinds of students need to pay by yourselves.

2All dormitories in NJU are not offering any bedding materials. You should pay 600yuan for room deposit and 50yuan for key deposit when you check inincluding scholarship students. Please keep your deposit receipt carefully and give it back to the front desk when you check out. The front desk will give 650yuan deposit back to you if there is nothing broken or lost in the roomor the deposit will be used as compensatory payment.

3The dormitory is offered to the long-time living students first and then is offered to the short-time living students if there are any empty rooms. If you plan to live here for a short timeless than one semester),please pay the short living price for your room.

4The dormitory only accepts cash and you need to do one-time payment for one semester when you check in. If you want to check out before the date in contractthe dormitory will take 1000yuan as penalty and will not refund the rest accommodation fee of that month.

5You need to buy the room electricity by yourself.

Students living in XiyuanZengxianzi Building in Gulou Campus or the 21st Building in Xianlin Campus can buy electricity at the front desk.

Students living in Pingcang Lane Dormitory in Gulou Campus can buy electricity through Alipay.

II.Daily Regulations

1If you share the room with another studentchanging room is not accepted during the living period. If your roommate check out early and you do not want to pay for the one room we will change you to another room with roommate. If you do not want to change roomplease pay for the whole room until the new roommate comes.

2Please keep your room card properly. Dont switch, transfer, re-rent or borrow your room without permission. Visiting hours is from 8:00a.m. to 23:00 p.m. every day. Visitors are required to register before entering the apartment. They are not allowed to stay overnight in your room. If there is any violation, you will get a warning for the first time. For the second time, your room will be taken back. If the violation is serious, Nanjing University will directly take back your room and never provide any accommodation.

3Don't break any public or fire facility in the building.

4Dont put your personal objects in the public area, such as the stairs, room doors and floor walkways, or they will be thrown as wastes.

5Don't throw any things out of windowshang your clothes out of windows or put the plant pot.

6Don't throw any things into the water closet or floor drain.

7Dont scrawl, put nail or splice clothesline on the wall(especially dont hang clothes on the water spray system of the fire fighting facility).

8Dont conduct religious activities in room. Please go to religious site if under special circumstances.

9Dont raise animals in room.

10Please apply approval in Institute for International Students before you hold a party or a night gathering.

III.Safety Regulations

1The staff of students dorm are allowed to check and maintain your room in proper time.

2Allow the safety check of the department concerned and eliminate hidden dangers to obey the safety management and visiting regulations. 

3Dont cook or connect wires without permission. If you were found to break it, you will get punishment or even lose your room.

4Don't use the high-power electrical appliance, such as heater, electric carpet, electric cooker, electromagnetic oven, microwave oven, and etc.

5Don't put the working electric appliance, such as table lampchargerwiring board, on the flammable items, such as bedding, carton and mosquito curtain, for fear of the fire.

6Dont smoke while lying on bed, throw the cigarette butts, or use the objects with open flames, such as alcohol stoves, candles, and etc. 

7Dont put or use the flammable, combustible, easy-corrosive and poisonous materials in your room.

IV.Special Reminder

1Please pay attention to the period of validity of your visa.

2Please put your valuables in safe place.

3Dont speak loudly in room or in the public area in order to ensure quality rest.

4The check out time is before 12:00 at noon. You need to pay half-day room fee if you check out between 12:00 to 18:00and the whole day room fee after 18:00.


All International students should strictly follow the regulations above. If there is any violation or any causal of accidents, the troublemakers should compensate for all the losses and be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.

I have read and known above rulesand will obey the rules of Nanjing University. My living period is